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Dog Park: The Way of Employment

A group of dogs that get excited about each other, dogs not always respectful with their fellows, masters who give advice without really knowing what they say … In short, these parks can be quite anxious. So is the dog park a good idea or a bad idea? We thin that it’s a good idea if we all respect certain principles! Here are some of them!

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1st No dog in poor health

It sounds crazy, but a lot of people don’t even ask the question. Not all dogs that come to the dog park are healthy. But it is a golden rule. You should not take your dog to these places if they are sick or even injured. This is a significant health risk. In addition, like humans, dogs that are sick or injured will be more irritable than usual. This can become a disruptive element and end in conflict.

2nd Watch dog in heat

The health rule can apply to dogs in heat. No, let them be sick. But their rise in hormones is enough to disturb other dogs. I understand that if you have no choice you take your dog there. But there are precautions to be taken. You have to choose when to take your dog. The best thing is to choose schedules where there will be no other dogs. This will avoid conflict. You can also ask people already present, if this will be a problem in the dog group. This is not to punish the. But also to protect her from fights, but also from unplaning pregnancies.

3rd Control the park

Before you go back to the park, you have to take precautions. You can check:

  • which dogs are in the park (male, female, puppy, human), because according to your dog’s agreements you will not be able to return or let go.
  • What types of dogs are there? Small or large breed? Even if it is not bad to meet small breeds with larger dogs, it must be thought that some games can degenerate. A big dog can hurt a little one unintentionally (on Toulouse there was a Jack Russel who had a broken leg in the game with a corso cane), but you can also have dogs that predation on small dogs.
  • What is the personality of the dogs present? Are they very excited or calm? Are they stalkers? Where, on the contrary, are there breaks in their games? This will be important depending on your dog’s personality, so that he does not feel cornered, insecure or too excited.
black and brown dog playing with a tennis ball

4th Number of dogs

Dog parks are often too small. So you have to be careful about the number of dogs present. The more dogs there are, the more likely the group will get too excited. If the dog group is too excited, there may be conflicts. Conflicts are usually poorly experienced or mismanaged by owners, as well as causing unnecessary stress to dogs.

5th Attitude of your dog

Not all puppies like to be in an enclosed area with no possibility of escape. Some are introverted and do not want to reach out to others even if they are sociable. It is therefore important that they do not get harassed by other dogs and unable to escape the situation. Others will feel so uncomfortable that they can become aggressive. It is important to check the emotional state of your canine companion, because if the park does not suit him, it is better to take him for a walk elsewhere, or come to times where there will be no one. This will prevent the dog from associating the park with an anxious environment.

6th Conflict

Conflicts in the dog park are quite recurrent. Already because it is an enclosed environment often too small to offer a real distance of escape or a comfort zone for the dog. But also because there are often motivational conflicts for toys, sticks, treats, caresses, etc. Dogs don’t necessarily want to share their resources. It doesn’t matter in itself and we shouldn’t force them. But we must be careful that this does not become a source of conflict. If you know your dog is susceptible, don’t bring his toys to the park.

7th Detach your dog

It’s best to untie your dog before you go back to the dog park. This is to avoid responsiveness on a leash. So you can hold him to the collar, harness or ask him to wait until you open the park door and get him in. Your dog is thus free to take out his entire behavioral panel to say hello to others. Remember to close the gate.

8th Recall Dogs

When a new dog handler wants to enter the park, we must recall the dogs already detached. This prevents them all from rushing to the newcomer and not putting him in a bad position. Take the time to optimize your reminder or pick up your kindly. Once the new one is detached and enter the area, let the dogs go one by one.

9th Watch your dog

If the dog park is convenient for detaching your dog, it should not become an excuse to no longer feel responsible for your dog. It should therefore be monitored for its safety and to avoid too much excitement. There are too many owners who think their dog is too nice to be watched.

10th Dog Park and Family Outing

The dog park is, as the name suggests, a place reserved for dogs. So it’s not the right place to get kids to play. Already because not all dogs are comfortable with them. But, especially because dogs that play together don’t always pay attention to what they do. This is their place to let off steam, they must be able to enjoy it fully without the risk of accident for children. Teach your children to observe from outside the park.

The dog park is not a bad idea, but it would be nice to put in place rules of benevolence for all. Think of your dog, but also of the dog of others. Don’t hesitate to leave if there is too much excitement, too much dog or if your dog seems uncomfortable. A bad experience for your puppy or dog can have a very important impact for the rest of his life. In addition, there are often all kinds of advice from each other. Avoid putting everything you may hear into practice, at the risk of making certain behaviors worse or hurting your dog.

black and brown dog playing in the park
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