puppy in the arm of a woman entering a car

My dog doesn’t like the car

Doesn’t your dog want to get into the car on his own? Does he drool or vomit as soon as “titin” purrs? Maybe he’s throwing himself on the windows or he’s barking? In short, you notice that your dog feels bad in the car or next to it. So how do you do that? A practical and eco-friendly solution take a bike! 1 Why is your dog afraid? It is very important to understand why your dog is afraid. Indeed, it is by understanding the why you will be able to have the “how”! Here are some leads: Your dog is now an adult and he has never taken the car. The unknown is a source of stress for many dogs. Your puppy has not finished growing and his inner ear is playing tricks on him! Indeed, the mechanism that manages the inner ear, which allows to hear and adjust the balance of the body, is not yet completed. The puppy then feels bad. Your dog had a car injury. It may be a car accident, but also things that we consider more innocuous experienced as intense stress, such as a surprising noise, falling from the seat or bumping into […]

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dog eating food from the floor

The dangers of free treat

Like many owners you may be giving your dog free treats. You may be used to giving some leftovers from the table. You know that your dog is a great foodie and he is never happier than when you give him a piece of sugar or chocolate. After all, if you have a dog, it’s to share moments where everyone is happy together. So is there a real danger to your dog? For starters, this is what we mean by free treat. It’s the fact of suring your dog nibbles outside of your bowl. Snacking can be the tasting of dog treats but also of our leftovers and non-essential treats. Here are the 5 essential rules to know for your dog’s well-being! 1 Overweight Free treat is often associated with being overweight in dogs. We can say that this is rightly the case. Indeed, the latest French study conducted by veterinarians dating back to 2018, shows that nearly a quarter of family dogs are overweight. Yet more than half of these dog owners don’t know it or think it doesn’t matter. And even some prefer it when their dog is coated! It’s a dangerous look for the dog’s health. Because […]

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