gray French bulldog puppy sitting in a Christmas bag

10 Resolutions to Make With Your Dog for 2020

The New Year is on your doorstep! It’s time to make good resolutions to perfect the happiness you share with your dog. Here is a list of 10 good resolutions to make with your dog. 1 Walking your dog  Do all DAY even if you have a garden! This is the best way to give your dog the opportunity to thrive by sniffing different smells every day. If, however, your dog is less than 12 months old, it is recommended that you do not spend half an hour of walking, to prevent it from forcing on its joints and muscles. 2 Make him meet friends  Your dog is a social being! He needs to communicate with other dogs, other species or people other than you. Regular meetings each week will help you meet your social needs. Be careful not to force a dog to meet others and not to forget the wearing of the muzzle if the dog has socializing problems. Do not hesitate to come to education class to help your dog meet friends. On the other hand, it is better to make few meetings, but 100% positive, than many encounters with many incidents. 3 Offer him new activities  […]

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white boxer dog head

Take care of your dog’s teeth

Does your dog have bad breath? Do you know why? The teeth of dogs must be maintained throughout their lives. Having good dental hygiene means living longer! So let’s see together, how to take care of the teeth of his dog. The dog is a carnivore The mouth of an adult dog has 42 teeth. The upper jaw has 20 teeth, while the lower jaw has 22 teeth. With 4 canines and 12 incisors, the dog is as well armed as any predator. As in humans, the mouth is lined with a mucous membrane where salivary glands are found. The structure of the dog’s teeth is similar to that of humans. For lack of prevention and information, 80% of dogs are affected by oral diseases. Signs of periodontal disease, and induced suffering are often insidious. A dog will not necessarily show that it is suffering, which can be dangerous to its health over time. Some predisposed dogs Chewing is the main way for a dog to brush its teeth, but not all have the same chewing abilities. Indeed, some of them have a shortened jaw. The contact between the upper and lower teeth is not complete and leads to entarment. Dogs known […]

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brown stafford standing up looking through an opened window

Dog in apartment: good or bad idea?

Everybody knows that. When you don’t have a garden, you don’t take a dog! It’s a well-known one. But is this statement true? Why can’t we have a dog in an apartment? Which dogs can live in an apartment? This topic is often debated. Dogs don’t ask to live with us, they don’t choose their families. Their lives are the result of our own choices. We have to be responsible for their lives, as much as we can. And living in an apartment is not inevitable if you are responsible! Dog Needs Job Mode To understand if a dog can live in an apartment, one must first know the needs of its species, but also be well informed about the needs that will vary from one individual to another. There are therefore main needs (outside of food) that are often not sufficiently respected. Here they are: Your dog has a need for safety: yes he needs to know that where he lives, he can always be safe no matter what. The bond he builds and forges with his master is very important. When focusing on the dog’s feelings, it is important to understand that coercive education will not help the […]

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