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Stop your dog’s runaways!

Dog runs away and that’s it, you’re totally upset! Rex just got his trunk again! Barely put in your garden he jumped your fence. You don’t know what to do anymore. Your neighbor comes kindly to tell you “you should put an electric collar on him! My best friend’s father’s dog had one and he stopped running away!! ┬╗.

Think that he was right? Of course not. To stop the runaways, we must first understand them. Follow our guide.

The risks of running away

If we start by listing the risks, it is because often many masters get used to the fact that their dog runs away, because he comes back. So they end up giving up and thinking that finally it’s not so bad that the dog does “a ride” alone. You should therefore be aware that your dog and its safety are your responsibility.

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Here is a non-exhaustive list of risks for you and your dog:

  • Your dog is at risk of death. He can get run over by a car or be tortured by malicious people or trapped somewhere and die.
  • He can get seriously injured.
  • If he creates an accident, assaults or injures someone even unintentionally, you will be fully responsible and will be held accountable for these acts.
  • Your dog can be picked up and impounded. You will then have to pay to get your dog back
  • Even if you’re identified, you can have your dog stolen.

Why a runaway dog?

A dog that runs away does not have its needs filled or feels bad at home! The fact that a dog wants to pick up a dog in heat is often questioned. In reality, this cause is unlikely, because often a runaway dog does so for other reasons. Here are the reasons why a dog may run away:

1. Your dog is bored: this is the first cause that pushes a dog to leave. He’s bored. Yes Rex or even Milou need to do exercises, to be stimulated physically and mentally. A dog that stays in his garden will eventually get bored because his garden he knows him by heart. You are more likely to have a runaway at home if you don’t give him walks every day of about half an hour. The dog is a species that needs to sniff, analyze and see the world to feel good. If he does not do it regularly outside his home, he will be tempted to go and see what is happening on the other side of the fence. Each dog has its own unique needs that can be influenced by its environment, breed and personality.

2. Your dog does not like to be alone: a dog stressed because he is alone will seek to fill his solitude or will try to forget it by stimulating himself through external smells. Maybe he’s trying to reach you right now? Separation anxiety can be experienced as a real ordeal by your dog. It is necessary to analyze the situation and understand it to help it feel better and to accept to stay in the garden.

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3. Your dog wants to go hunting: a rabbit passed in front of your fence and it only took a few seconds for your dog to get trained! Even if your dog eats well at home, there is nothing more stimulating for him than hunting prey. It’s revitalizing and it gives it sensations you can’t even imagine!

4. Your dog does not feel comfortable at home: this is often the case for dogs that are adopted or have been abused. It takes them longer to feel comfortable somewhere. They can’t associate your home with his.

5th Your dog is having fun: your dog has made a habit of having fun on his own and thus escaping. For him, there is no harm in that. Every time he came out of your house, he got stronger, because he always found what he was looking for! It self-validated. Needless to say, for him it’s always positive to go for a walk alone and run his ears to the wind without his master being afraid to call him back!

6. Your garden is not fenced: it may sound silly, but not all dogs are aware of having an area that should not be crossed. If on top of that you are not fenced or badly fenced, your dog will inevitably come out.

7. Your dog with the hormones that work it: yes, your dog may still want an ephemeral romance with the neighbor’s dog! As for your dog, she may be dreaming of those past loves that lie behind your fence! But, if only that, your dog should not run away regularly!

8th Your yard is not attractive: it meets the boredom of the dog. If your yard is unattractive, there is no room to look after, or only the same stick for several weeks, it is not surprising that your dog prefers to go frothy in the garbage cans around the corner, chase the neighbor’s cat and join the children who play ball with him in the park.

9. Your dog does not know the limits of your garden: it is mistakenly believed that the dog will instinctively know the limits of your land. If this is the case in some dogs, for others it is far from obvious.

You don’t have a garden and/or no reminder: Some people run away from their apartments. You tried to call him but nothing helps, he turns a deaf ear. So he doesn’t have a callback. In any case, the fugue will be related to the points mentioned above and you will have to work on something essential: the recall.

As you will have understood, there are many reasons why a dog can cross your fence without permission! It is therefore necessary to analyze the cause before putting in place where or the appropriate solutions will be.

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Tips to remember:

Here are the tips you can give to prevent your dog from enjoying escape. The tricks/exercises are to adapt to each dog, each situation and will be working regularly otherwise there will be no result.

  • For a bored dog: It is essential to meet all its needs on a daily basis. Either: make him exercise every day outside his garden. He must also be able to mentally escape by having the opportunity to sniff tracks, smells, see and play with dog buddies. He must be able to meet dogs and human beings regularly. Every day, your dog must have different and stimulating interactions. Go to sports with him, teach him new things, have fun together! Make your garden attractive by leaving toys that it will never have in other circumstances!
  • For a dog that can’t be alone: Teach him little by little to endure loneliness through games of flair in the garden, through toys filled with food. Don’t leave it alone all at once. Learn that this can be cool without you. Don’t punish him by kicking him out.
  • For a dog that doesn’t know the limits: you can teach it along. Positive place and invisible barriers so that it doesn’t find reasons to overcome them. You can also invest in better barriers.
  • For dogs that run away for a female/male: you can be more attentive and not leave your dog alone in the garden or simply have it sterilized or implanted. It’s best to ask your vet for advice.
  • For a dog that doesn’t feel at home: positive your garden. Make sure he can have one or more hiding places (niches, piles of leaves, holes, etc.) so that he can isolate himself. Positive the garden by bringing back smells such as feathers picked up along the way and pieces of wood. Hiding sweets in the garden. And above all take the time to build your relationship brick after brick.

In any case, don’t argue with him when he comes back. It’s useless, he won’t even understand why you’re upsetting him. He will simply know that you are angry and will not make the connection with your actions. Teach him the reminder in a positive way.┬áThis will facilitate his return. And above all, don’t ignore your dog’s runaways because they are indicative of his emotional state. Don’t hesitate to call in a professional in education and canine behavior. Finally, avoid leaving your dog in the garden unattended. The number of unattended dog flights in their garden has not been counted in recent years. There are some every day. Then protect him!

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