black chihuahua hold by a man's arm with a watch

Does my dog have a sense of time?

With the change of our routine thanks to the change of time, a client of our Canidelite center in Toulouse, asked me if his dog had the notion of time! This is an interesting question, which often comes up again and again! And this question falls well, since the studies of his last years, prove that a dog has the notion of time! And yes, Rex and Jack can find out if you take longer than usual to serve them their meal or if you come home later from work! Most masters had already experienced it, but nothing really proved it scientifically, because few studies had been interested in it! Come on, let’s untangle all this! What study? This study, which follows many others in parallel, was conducted by Northwestern University. She was able to uncover clear evidence about the ability of animals, including dogs, to conceive of the passing of time. Capacity that has long been believed to be valid only for human beings. It was by examining the medial entorhinal cortex of the brain (where there is an extensive network of memory, navigation and time perception) that the researchers discovered a previously unknown set of neurons. This set […]

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