Canine Prime Advanced Nutritional Formula Review

Your Pet Nutrition Canine Prime is a new supplement for dogs that has 40 different nutrients for a dog. What makes this supplement unique is that it has both a high quantity and quality of ingredients. There are few supplement’s on the market that talk about the kind of nutrition found inside Canine Prime. It’s advertised as an advanced nutritional supplement for that reason. And one reason why we could not wait to get our hands on it. Your Pet Nutrition is led by London veterinary surgeon Dr. Michael Lazaris. Dr. Lazaris is one of the UK’s most recognised veterinarians who hundreds of thousands of pet parents across the country turn to for his honest approach to pet care. Today nutrition and diet are rightly becoming more important for dog owners. The lack of certain nutrients needed for a dog to be at their best are now more well known. This is why many dog owners have started to use Canine Prime. At the end of our review we will include an opinion based section that covers our thoughts on the general strengths and weaknesses of this product. The Canine Prime Servings Size The nutritional supplement has a specific serving […]

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dog playing with a water hose in a backyard

Summer games with your dog

Ah summer is here! It’s sunny, but it’s hot! You can’t always take your dog out with this heat. So how do you keep it busy during the day? Do you know of any activities he can do that will be as refreshing? Doesn’t your dog like water? Or does he like it very much? Want some fun? Why don’t we refresh your ideas for this summer? Here we go. Why occupy your dog? It is important to continue to keep your dog busy, even in the summer. The whole thing is to do it the right way, to avoid a hot shot. Occupying your dog helps to meet your needs. Whether you occupy it physically, mentally or both, your dog will be happy! Like us humans, a dog needs to look after itself. Whether your dog is a chihuahua or an Irish setter, your dog needs to fill his day. Occupying your dog allows you to have a balanced dog. And if this occupation is an activity he shares with you, it will strengthen your bond. It is your duty as protector of your dog, to check that he is not bored. Be aware that a bored dog will develop behavioral disorders that […]

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brown hunt dog sitting and scratching

Treating your dog for fleas

Fleas are a real plague every year for thousands of homes. Treating your dog is essential at the moment, especially since winters are not cold enough to wipe out flea nests. Here are some tips to treat your dog against fleas and in a natural way. Risks For dogs getting invaded fleas is not very pleasant. This scratches them in an unpleasant way, but especially this small parasite can lead to serious pathologies such as dermatitis or tapeworm. These are two diseases that can cause your dog to suffer. Indeed: Dermatitis: It is an allergy caused by the saliva that the flea injects under the dog’s skin when it bites and feeds. This allergy results in intense itching, particularly in the dorsolombary region and triggering irritation, skin lesions and hair loss. A single sting may be enough to trigger an allergy. The dog can scratch with blood or even lose much of its coat, to which can be added infections. The dog that scratches damages its skin, it is then a fault in which the mushrooms sink. Tapeworm: It is a parasitic worm in the digestive tract. This worm can cause various disorders such as weight loss, diarrhea, appetite disorders, […]

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white boxer dog head

Take care of your dog’s teeth

Does your dog have bad breath? Do you know why? The teeth of dogs must be maintained throughout their lives. Having good dental hygiene means living longer! So let’s see together, how to take care of the teeth of his dog. The dog is a carnivore The mouth of an adult dog has 42 teeth. The upper jaw has 20 teeth, while the lower jaw has 22 teeth. With 4 canines and 12 incisors, the dog is as well armed as any predator. As in humans, the mouth is lined with a mucous membrane where salivary glands are found. The structure of the dog’s teeth is similar to that of humans. For lack of prevention and information, 80% of dogs are affected by oral diseases. Signs of periodontal disease, and induced suffering are often insidious. A dog will not necessarily show that it is suffering, which can be dangerous to its health over time. Some predisposed dogs Chewing is the main way for a dog to brush its teeth, but not all have the same chewing abilities. Indeed, some of them have a shortened jaw. The contact between the upper and lower teeth is not complete and leads to entarment. Dogs known […]

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