small brown-gray dog lying on the grass and listening to its trainer

The 3 secrets of positive education for our dogs

Education is not intuitive for everyone. It is not linear either. However, when it comes to animal-friendly education, there are basics to know. Would you like to know the 3 secrets of positive education? These rules will make a difference. 1 Be in a good mood! And yes, the first rule when talking about positive education is to be in a good emotion, a good state of mind. Dogs are real emotional sponges. They perceive our moods without difficulty, and that influences their behaviour, one way or another. Remember that teacher who was under the blow of his bad mood putting you under stress! Remember the state of mind you were in! Did that make you learn faster? I don’t think so. I’m not saying you weren’t learning, but it made it stressful and therefore less easy. Another example. You’re in a maze with a friend. At the beginning of the game, you are both in a good mood. And then he gets a not-so-friendly phone call from his boss. The mood is changing. Your friend is more nervous, you will naturally be a little more nervous evenly. You’re modeling yourself on him. Now, if every time you make the decision of […]

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brown white dog standing up and looking through a window

Leaving your dog alone at home

You may be, like many people, little available during the day for your dog. Your days may be full! But not your dog’s! And yes, Jack is waiting for you all day! Maybe he even makes you some nonsense to keep busy. What if you could change that? What if your dog’s day ends up fuller? Do you want any clues? Read this article! 1 Teach him to be alone Of course, your dog must learn to be alone. It is not natural for him to be alone, since it is a source of stress, boredom, even danger. An extra canine companion, is not always a solution, since they can get bored with two. So here are the main steps to teach your dog to stay alone. -Don’t ritualize your departures. So change the obvious signs of your departures and trivialize them. Also, make a “false start.” Grab your car keys, put on your coat and sit on your couch to watch TV. Or without warning, without putting on your shoes, get out of your house! The goal is to trivialize his rituals, break them so that they no longer cause stress for your dog. You can also ignore your […]

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small white dog with black ears looking at a treat

Treats: how not to be dependent on them?

Many animals, including dogs, are educated with food rewards. In fact, this is the easiest thing to use. And it is the most exploited reward for making shows and films of any kind. This is so that the animal can associate what is asked of it in the most positive way possible, but also because it is a very deep reinforcer for most animals. However, using the treat is sometimes very scary when talking about dog education. And that’s mainly because the owners are afraid to be dependent on the treat in front of their dog! Clearly, they are afraid of having to “negotiate” non-stop with them and become a fridge. So, how do you not to be addicted, while making your dog happy? Dog Learning Principles In order not to fall into the trap of dependence on treats, one must first know the principles of learning the dog. For starters, learning is a set of memorization processes implemented by the dog. It therefore memorizes indications that it can tighten up depending on the context. There are several types of learning in dogs: Classical conditioning is the first type of learning in which the dog’s body responds to an environmental stimulus. […]

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pug dog pulling a leash held by a small girl

How do I get my stubborn dog to obey me?

What is a stubborn dog? What is referred to as a stubborn dog is often a disobedient dog. The word stubborn is actually a label that is put to all sauces, much like the word “dominant”. What is misunderstood is often labelled and also for our benefit! Indeed a dog “dominant” with his master because he grumbles him … is if one thinks a dog not dominant, but uncomfortable and having a bad relationship with its owner. Similarly a stubborn dog can be a lot of things. Stubborn is therefore a shortcut that prevents us from analyzing the situation and often prevents us from questioning ourselves. If you start to really take an interest in the behaviour of dogs, you quickly realize that there is often a gap between what you think you are observing and reality. All for a good reason: we do not have an omniscient point of view. So not only do we not know everything, but we influence the lives of our dogs through our attitudes, our thoughts and our goals. To think that our dog is stubborn is therefore a well-established belief accepted by many because of the attitudes that the dog will propose. A […]

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dog park sign

Dog Park: The Way of Employment

A group of dogs that get excited about each other, dogs not always respectful with their fellows, masters who give advice without really knowing what they say … In short, these parks can be quite anxious. So is the dog park a good idea or a bad idea? We thin that it’s a good idea if we all respect certain principles! Here are some of them! 1st No dog in poor health It sounds crazy, but a lot of people don’t even ask the question. Not all dogs that come to the dog park are healthy. But it is a golden rule. You should not take your dog to these places if they are sick or even injured. This is a significant health risk. In addition, like humans, dogs that are sick or injured will be more irritable than usual. This can become a disruptive element and end in conflict. 2nd Watch dog in heat The health rule can apply to dogs in heat. No, let them be sick. But their rise in hormones is enough to disturb other dogs. I understand that if you have no choice you take your dog there. But there are precautions to be taken. […]

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