small brown-gray dog lying on the grass and listening to its trainer

The 3 secrets of positive education for our dogs

Education is not intuitive for everyone. It is not linear either. However, when it comes to animal-friendly education, there are basics to know. Would you like to know the 3 secrets of positive education? These rules will make a difference. 1 Be in a good mood! And yes, the first rule when talking about positive education is to be in a good emotion, a good state of mind. Dogs are real emotional sponges. They perceive our moods without difficulty, and that influences their behaviour, one way or another. Remember that teacher who was under the blow of his bad mood putting you under stress! Remember the state of mind you were in! Did that make you learn faster? I don’t think so. I’m not saying you weren’t learning, but it made it stressful and therefore less easy. Another example. You’re in a maze with a friend. At the beginning of the game, you are both in a good mood. And then he gets a not-so-friendly phone call from his boss. The mood is changing. Your friend is more nervous, you will naturally be a little more nervous evenly. You’re modeling yourself on him. Now, if every time you make the decision of […]

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dog playing with a water hose in a backyard

Summer games with your dog

Ah summer is here! It’s sunny, but it’s hot! You can’t always take your dog out with this heat. So how do you keep it busy during the day? Do you know of any activities he can do that will be as refreshing? Doesn’t your dog like water? Or does he like it very much? Want some fun? Why don’t we refresh your ideas for this summer? Here we go. Why occupy your dog? It is important to continue to keep your dog busy, even in the summer. The whole thing is to do it the right way, to avoid a hot shot. Occupying your dog helps to meet your needs. Whether you occupy it physically, mentally or both, your dog will be happy! Like us humans, a dog needs to look after itself. Whether your dog is a chihuahua or an Irish setter, your dog needs to fill his day. Occupying your dog allows you to have a balanced dog. And if this occupation is an activity he shares with you, it will strengthen your bond. It is your duty as protector of your dog, to check that he is not bored. Be aware that a bored dog will develop behavioral disorders that […]

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