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The brilliant Border Collie

The border collie is famous for its sheepdog abilities. As such, it has been used since the 17th century by shepherds in the Scottish Highlands. Wonderful herd keeper, always used for these same skills, on the other side of the sleeve and in France, he remains the reference to monitor and guide the sheep. The border collie is unfalsy and the miles travelled daily by countless round trips do not scare him. It is said that he has hypnotist gifts, by staring at the sheep, he forces them to stop or join the herd. What are the origins of border collie? What are the characteristics of border collie breed dogs? What is the temperament of the border collie dog? Everything you need to know about puppies and border collie dogs: origins, character, morphology, etc. Table of content 1 Morphology of the Border Collie 2 Activity of this breed 3 Skills of this breed 4 Border Collie character 5 Care to be given to puppies and grown dogs 6 Health of the Border Collie Morphology of the Border Collie The medium-sized border collie measures 45 to 50 cm at the withers and weighs between 15 and 20 kg. It is a very elegant dog, well proportioned, with […]

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Leaving your dog alone at home

You may be, like many people, little available during the day for your dog. Your days may be full! But not your dog’s! And yes, Jack is waiting for you all day! Maybe he even makes you some nonsense to keep busy. What if you could change that? What if your dog’s day ends up fuller? Do you want any clues? Read this article! 1 Teach him to be alone Of course, your dog must learn to be alone. It is not natural for him to be alone, since it is a source of stress, boredom, even danger. An extra canine companion, is not always a solution, since they can get bored with two. So here are the main steps to teach your dog to stay alone. -Don’t ritualize your departures. So change the obvious signs of your departures and trivialize them. Also, make a “false start.” Grab your car keys, put on your coat and sit on your couch to watch TV. Or without warning, without putting on your shoes, get out of your house! The goal is to trivialize his rituals, break them so that they no longer cause stress for your dog. You can also ignore your […]

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