pug dog pulling a leash held by a small girl

How do I get my stubborn dog to obey me?

What is a stubborn dog? What is referred to as a stubborn dog is often a disobedient dog. The word stubborn is actually a label that is put to all sauces, much like the word “dominant”. What is misunderstood is often labelled and also for our benefit! Indeed a dog “dominant” with his master because he grumbles him … is if one thinks a dog not dominant, but uncomfortable and having a bad relationship with its owner. Similarly a stubborn dog can be a lot of things. Stubborn is therefore a shortcut that prevents us from analyzing the situation and often prevents us from questioning ourselves. If you start to really take an interest in the behaviour of dogs, you quickly realize that there is often a gap between what you think you are observing and reality. All for a good reason: we do not have an omniscient point of view. So not only do we not know everything, but we influence the lives of our dogs through our attitudes, our thoughts and our goals. To think that our dog is stubborn is therefore a well-established belief accepted by many because of the attitudes that the dog will propose. A […]

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golden retriever's nose while lying on the floor

The Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is a successful dog, and this is normal since it is elegant, quiet, and an excellent pet dog, even though many subjects are still used for hunting or work. Of English nationality, its origins remain a little unclear. They have only been known with precision since the Second World War. It is believed to be the result of the mating of a yellow male, from flat-haired retrievers, with a female tweedy-water spaniel breed fire. Table of content 1 Morphology of the breed 2 Golden retriever’s activity 3 Skills 4 Character of the golden retriever 5 Care 6 Health of the golden retriever Morphology of the golden retriever The male golden retriever measures 56 to 61 cm at the withers and the female 51 to 56 cm. Its average weight is between 25 and 32 kg. Its wide and well-chiseled head inspires confidence. It has medium-sized drooping ears. Its tail, long, is worn at the back and should not curl at the end. His muscular and solidly built body makes him fit for physical work. Its flat or wavy hair is medium-length, with good fringes on the limbs, chest and tail. Her dress is light in color. All shades of gold or cream are […]

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