stafford dog lying under the table

My dog doesn’t like to go to strangers

Your dog doesn’t like to go to strangers! This is something that really hurts you, because your dog doesn’t really seem to like contacts! Shouldn’t he like petting like any “good dog”? Is there a problem with him? And above all, how can we help him to love strangers? The sociable animal dog The sociable nature of the good family dog is often highlighted when talking about a balanced dog. It is said that an animal is sociable when it can organize itself socially with several individuals. In addition, the dog must be able to: organize in a group of individuals in a sustainable way that he can communicate without any problems and that it can also collaborate with individuals without seeking conflict It is therefore often natural to think and wait for the family dog to be sociable with everyone. It’s more complicated than that! Ideas The dog is not a caressing dispensary. Yes, he has the right to be introverted, or not to like to receive caresses or solicitations from other humans. In fact, he doesn’t even have to love making contact with his master. Every dog is different, but it is true that most dogs do not […]

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small white dog with black ears looking at a treat

Treats: how not to be dependent on them?

Many animals, including dogs, are educated with food rewards. In fact, this is the easiest thing to use. And it is the most exploited reward for making shows and films of any kind. This is so that the animal can associate what is asked of it in the most positive way possible, but also because it is a very deep reinforcer for most animals. However, using the treat is sometimes very scary when talking about dog education. And that’s mainly because the owners are afraid to be dependent on the treat in front of their dog! Clearly, they are afraid of having to “negotiate” non-stop with them and become a fridge. So, how do you not to be addicted, while making your dog happy? Dog Learning Principles In order not to fall into the trap of dependence on treats, one must first know the principles of learning the dog. For starters, learning is a set of memorization processes implemented by the dog. It therefore memorizes indications that it can tighten up depending on the context. There are several types of learning in dogs: Classical conditioning is the first type of learning in which the dog’s body responds to an environmental stimulus. […]

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