dog border collie jumping in a trick

30 fun tricks to teach your dog

Looking for something to stimulate your dog? Or would you like your dog to learn tricks, but you have no idea? This article is for you! Through its 30 ideas of exercises to teach your dog, you will have the opportunity to strengthen the bonds that unite you and to re-discover each other! Prepare your patience, your good humour, your kindness and your treats! Do you have them? So here we go! Why teach tricks to your dog? There are many reasons to teach “tricks” to your dog. This can only be useful on a day-to-day basis. But the truth is that there is much more to be found than just a utility for humans. Learning, among other things, allows: To build relationships between the teacher and the dog if the methods used are benevolent and positive. Improving thinking in dogs To stimulate it mentally through the game of learning To let the dog off steam To create moments of sharing and complicity In short, it makes life less monotonous for our dogs who are usually unemployed with the consequence of having to wait for us all day. This often brings a better moral balance to our canine companion. Beware, […]

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2 dogs and 2 cats sitting and lying

Helping your dog get along with other animals

Most animal lovers dream of being able to live with several animal species at home. It is a sweet dream that many are trying to put into practice. But lo and behold, the dog remains a carnivore, and sometimes cohabitation degenerates. So how do you do that? The first thing to understand is that making different species coexist under one roof remains complicated, if one is not aware of what each animal is. Indeed, each species has its own language, so there will be misunderstandings and sometimes tensions. In addition, the nature of the species must be taken into account: is it a prey or a predator? A dog will naturally run or be excited if another animal runs, especially if it is smaller than it. Fortunately for humans, domestication has made it possible to successfully co-exist with several species such as dog and cat, dog and horse, dog and rabbit, dog and ferret, and so many others, especially when you can put in place the keys to success. The breed of the dog If you know from the start that you will have different species at home such as chickens, rabbits and a dog, it is interesting to maximize […]

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puppy in the arm of a woman entering a car

My dog doesn’t like the car

Doesn’t your dog want to get into the car on his own? Does he drool or vomit as soon as “titin” purrs? Maybe he’s throwing himself on the windows or he’s barking? In short, you notice that your dog feels bad in the car or next to it. So how do you do that? A practical and eco-friendly solution take a bike! 1 Why is your dog afraid? It is very important to understand why your dog is afraid. Indeed, it is by understanding the why you will be able to have the “how”! Here are some leads: Your dog is now an adult and he has never taken the car. The unknown is a source of stress for many dogs. Your puppy has not finished growing and his inner ear is playing tricks on him! Indeed, the mechanism that manages the inner ear, which allows to hear and adjust the balance of the body, is not yet completed. The puppy then feels bad. Your dog had a car injury. It may be a car accident, but also things that we consider more innocuous experienced as intense stress, such as a surprising noise, falling from the seat or bumping into […]

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big black and brown dog sitting

What does your dog’s grunt mean

In behavioral balance, we are often confronted with this problem: the grunt of the dog on its owner. Enough to say, it freaks out a lot of masters! Is this a real problem? What can I understand from this signal? If you’re worried (or not!), read this article. What is a grunt? To understand what a grunt is, you need to know what it is for. Grunting is normal behavior and complex vocalization. Contrary to a very tenacious received idea, grunting is not a sign of dysfunction in dogs. The dog is a sociable animal, which also communicates through vocalizations. You can certainly see that if you live with a dog. It produces various vocalizations such as barking, moaning, and even different grunts. Each sound varies in intensity and complexity, but all have meaning. But how can we determine the emotional state of our dog when it grunts? My dog grunts because it feels uncomfortable The grunt is most often associated with a dog’s ill-being. The grunt is therefore a preventive sign of politeness on the part of the dog to tell us that it does not like something or that it makes him uncomfortable. In simple terms, it can […]

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