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The brilliant Border Collie

The border collie is famous for its sheepdog abilities. As such, it has been used since the 17th century by shepherds in the Scottish Highlands. Wonderful herd keeper, always used for these same skills, on the other side of the sleeve and in France, he remains the reference to monitor and guide the sheep. The border collie is unfalsy and the miles travelled daily by countless round trips do not scare him. It is said that he has hypnotist gifts, by staring at the sheep, he forces them to stop or join the herd.

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What are the origins of border collie? What are the characteristics of border collie breed dogs? What is the temperament of the border collie dog? Everything you need to know about puppies and border collie dogs: origins, character, morphology, etc.

Table of content

  • 1 Morphology of the Border Collie
  • 2 Activity of this breed
  • 3 Skills of this breed
  • 4 Border Collie character
  • 5 Care to be given to puppies and grown dogs
  • 6 Health of the Border Collie

Morphology of the Border Collie

The medium-sized border collie measures 45 to 50 cm at the withers and weighs between 15 and 20 kg. It is a very elegant dog, well proportioned, with a thin head and an elongated snout. Its ears are of medium size and semi-erected. Its hair is medium in length, and more supplied at the height of the rear gear, mane and tail. The border collie can dress many colors, but the most common is black with white spots.

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Activity of this breed

The Border Collie is a dog that needs to work, even beyond exercising every day. It is in the exercise and the tasks entrusted to it that it can flourish. Also, living in the city doesn’t suit him very well.

Skills of this breed

Lucid and intelligent, the border collie is, as previously said, the ideal dog to guide flocks of sheep and sheep. He is comfortable with all types of weather, because he is determined to accomplish his mission to the end. On the other hand it is not very useful as a watchdog of the property.

Border Collie black & white dog standing

Character of this breed

The border collie is a dog with an exceptional listening ability. He understands very quickly and obeys the finger and the eye instantly. If he lives in a rural area and is entrusted with activities, you will make him the happiest of the dogs.

Care for puppies and grown dogs

Given the number of kilometres it travels each day, the border collie needs an energy supply, which varies according to the working days carried out. For its hair, brushing it twice a week is enough.

Border Collie’s health

The Border Collie has no pathology related to its breed and lives quite old since it can reach 15 years if it has been fed properly. This herd dog is known for its intelligence and robustness. This is a dog that does not often get sick and has few physical problems.

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