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Summer games with your dog

Ah summer is here! It’s sunny, but it’s hot! You can’t always take your dog out with this heat. So how do you keep it busy during the day? Do you know of any activities he can do that will be as refreshing? Doesn’t your dog like water? Or does he like it very much? Want some fun? Why don’t we refresh your ideas for this summer? Here we go.

dog biting a sprinkler in the backyard

Why occupy your dog?

It is important to continue to keep your dog busy, even in the summer. The whole thing is to do it the right way, to avoid a hot shot.

Occupying your dog helps to meet your needs. Whether you occupy it physically, mentally or both, your dog will be happy!

Like us humans, a dog needs to look after itself. Whether your dog is a chihuahua or an Irish setter, your dog needs to fill his day. Occupying your dog allows you to have a balanced dog. And if this occupation is an activity he shares with you, it will strengthen your bond. It is your duty as protector of your dog, to check that he is not bored.

Be aware that a bored dog will develop behavioral disorders that will be more difficult to “cure” if your dog has become accustomed to it. Your dog may vocalize frequently. In addition, your neighbours may come to complain about untimely barking. And even if you don’t like your neighbors, know that a dog that vocalizes all the time is not happy. A dog that can’t take care of itself will find something to pass the time. And often, these are not the occupations you were hoping for. It will do damage in the house, bite, strip, tear furniture, cushions, your papers, etc. There will be no limits for him if he is bored. You don’t have to blame him or punish him, he won’t understand, he’ll just understand that you’re angry.

Please note: all dogs need occupancy at any age and for any breed. If you don’t occupy it every day, your dog will develop behavioral problems and do you damage in the house. Finally, a dog that is channeled will be happy and balanced.

The dangers of summer

If it is essential to keep your dog busy all year round, you will have to pay attention to the dangers of summer. Notably, problems due to heat.

A dog can quickly get heat stroke. This is why it is your responsibility to take precautions during the day and especially if you are doing activities with your dog. Heat stroke is something brutal but mostly fatal for your dog. Heat stroke in dogs is the fact that their body is no longer in the ability to cool itself. This causes poor blood circulation, which, when eventually unable to irrigate the heart, can kill the dog. So your dog will very quickly pant, much salivate, the dog will be initially agitating pretending not to find its place, the mucous membranes will turn blue see purple before the dog falls prostrate. And if nothing is done, your dog may die.

Being too intense, staying in the sun without moving, being in a car or locked in a crate can go a long way to this state.

For water games, your dog risks hydrocution like us. Hydrocution is triggered by too much difference between the water and the dog’s body. It can come after a swim or even by drinking water too cold. The body then receives a shock, and the chances of survival vary. You will have no guarantees. It is therefore necessary to be careful, as for us, to wet the dog little by little starting with the dog’s groin, its belly. And when you give it water, it has to be at room temperature!

white dog standing above the plastic cup with water

What games for this summer?

  • If your dog needs to have fun alone, or take care of himself, don’t hesitate to make him homemade “ice creams”. You can mix croquettes, treats and other delicacies in water and freeze everything. You can give it to your dog so that he will take care of him during your absence, or even if you are there, but not available for him.
  • Find him a children’s sandbox and fill it to make him a swimming pool. Either your dog will be ultra happy to swim there whenever he wants. Either he’ll be more shy. If this is the case do not force it. Teach him to go with confidence. For example, you can lure him with a treat or toy and reward him every time he puts a paw in it. Until he went with all four legs. You can also put a bunch of treats in the water, so that he can start searching underwater to catch them
  • If your dog likes to bring back and is not afraid of water, take a plastic bottle with a few small holes, and fill the water. Make throwing games with your dog
  • Light the garden hose so that there is a fine rain, so that your dog has fun underneath with or without you. Avoid turning on your dog with a high-pressure flow, this will just increase it in excitement and can trigger its predation. Even if your dog is shy he will get scared, would be a real pity for him … and for you
  • Finally you can go to the pool with your dog! In Toulouse, we have a specialized swimming pool and therefore accessible to dogs. It’s Balma’s Doggy Swim. Your dog can learn to swim there, just like having fun. Everything is provided on site (toys, treats, life jacket, suit for the master). The advantage is to be able to swim your dog safely. If you don’t want to share this moment with your dog but he likes to swim, take him swimming in the wild. Just watch out for hydrocution!
  • Try to cani-paddle with your dog! The principle is simple, paddle standing on a board (on the water of course), but with your dog on the same board!
Brown French bulldog sitting in a canoe
  • If the water doesn’t tempt your dog, look for something to hike. In summer, there are wonderful places to discover. In our Canidélite centres in Toulouse and Bordeaux,we always find something to delight the owners and their dog! If you go into the wild, equip yourself. Take something to make your dog drink, especially if you don’t know the place. And often take breaks even for short hikes!

Finally, tell yourself that there are many ways to play or occupy your dog, depending on your desires, his own, what he likes or does not like. It is up to you to choose the right activity for your dog while being careful that he does not do heat stroke by too much activity. Always leave a bowl of water in hand and make sure your dog is hydrated and has something to shade if he wants to.

dog lounging on a sunbed with sunglasses
Maybe it just prefers to lounge on the boat.
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