husky pushing its nose through a fence

Stop your dog’s runaways!

Dog runs away and that’s it, you’re totally upset! Rex just got his trunk again! Barely put in your garden he jumped your fence. You don’t know what to do anymore. Your neighbor comes kindly to tell you “you should put an electric collar on him! My best friend’s father’s dog had one and he stopped running away!! ยป. Think that he was right? Of course not. To stop the runaways, we must first understand them. Follow our guide. The risks of running away If we start by listing the risks, it is because often many masters get used to the fact that their dog runs away, because he comes back. So they end up giving up and thinking that finally it’s not so bad that the dog does “a ride” alone. You should therefore be aware that your dog and its safety are your responsibility. Here is a non-exhaustive list of risks for you and your dog: Your dog is at risk of death. He can get run over by a car or be tortured by malicious people or trapped somewhere and die. He can get seriously injured. If he creates an accident, assaults or injures someone even unintentionally, […]

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dog park sign

Dog Park: The Way of Employment

A group of dogs that get excited about each other, dogs not always respectful with their fellows, masters who give advice without really knowing what they say … In short, these parks can be quite anxious. So is the dog park a good idea or a bad idea? We thin that it’s a good idea if we all respect certain principles! Here are some of them! 1st No dog in poor health It sounds crazy, but a lot of people don’t even ask the question. Not all dogs that come to the dog park are healthy. But it is a golden rule. You should not take your dog to these places if they are sick or even injured. This is a significant health risk. In addition, like humans, dogs that are sick or injured will be more irritable than usual. This can become a disruptive element and end in conflict. 2nd Watch dog in heat The health rule can apply to dogs in heat. No, let them be sick. But their rise in hormones is enough to disturb other dogs. I understand that if you have no choice you take your dog there. But there are precautions to be taken. […]

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brown hunt dog sitting and scratching

Treating your dog for fleas

Fleas are a real plague every year for thousands of homes. Treating your dog is essential at the moment, especially since winters are not cold enough to wipe out flea nests. Here are some tips to treat your dog against fleas and in a natural way. Risks For dogs getting invaded fleas is not very pleasant. This scratches them in an unpleasant way, but especially this small parasite can lead to serious pathologies such as dermatitis or tapeworm. These are two diseases that can cause your dog to suffer. Indeed: Dermatitis: It is an allergy caused by the saliva that the flea injects under the dog’s skin when it bites and feeds. This allergy results in intense itching, particularly in the dorsolombary region and triggering irritation, skin lesions and hair loss. A single sting may be enough to trigger an allergy. The dog can scratch with blood or even lose much of its coat, to which can be added infections. The dog that scratches damages its skin, it is then a fault in which the mushrooms sink. Tapeworm: It is a parasitic worm in the digestive tract. This worm can cause various disorders such as weight loss, diarrhea, appetite disorders, […]

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dog border collie jumping in a trick

30 fun tricks to teach your dog

Looking for something to stimulate your dog? Or would you like your dog to learn tricks, but you have no idea? This article is for you! Through its 30 ideas of exercises to teach your dog, you will have the opportunity to strengthen the bonds that unite you and to re-discover each other! Prepare your patience, your good humour, your kindness and your treats! Do you have them? So here we go! Why teach tricks to your dog? There are many reasons to teach “tricks” to your dog. This can only be useful on a day-to-day basis. But the truth is that there is much more to be found than just a utility for humans. Learning, among other things, allows: To build relationships between the teacher and the dog if the methods used are benevolent and positive. Improving thinking in dogs To stimulate it mentally through the game of learning To let the dog off steam To create moments of sharing and complicity In short, it makes life less monotonous for our dogs who are usually unemployed with the consequence of having to wait for us all day. This often brings a better moral balance to our canine companion. Beware, […]

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2 dogs and 2 cats sitting and lying

Helping your dog get along with other animals

Most animal lovers dream of being able to live with several animal species at home. It is a sweet dream that many are trying to put into practice. But lo and behold, the dog remains a carnivore, and sometimes cohabitation degenerates. So how do you do that? The first thing to understand is that making different species coexist under one roof remains complicated, if one is not aware of what each animal is. Indeed, each species has its own language, so there will be misunderstandings and sometimes tensions. In addition, the nature of the species must be taken into account: is it a prey or a predator? A dog will naturally run or be excited if another animal runs, especially if it is smaller than it. Fortunately for humans, domestication has made it possible to successfully co-exist with several species such as dog and cat, dog and horse, dog and rabbit, dog and ferret, and so many others, especially when you can put in place the keys to success. The breed of the dog If you know from the start that you will have different species at home such as chickens, rabbits and a dog, it is interesting to maximize […]

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