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10 Resolutions to Make With Your Dog for 2020

The New Year is on your doorstep! It’s time to make good resolutions to perfect the happiness you share with your dog.

Here is a list of 10 good resolutions to make with your dog.

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1 Walking your dog 

Do all DAY even if you have a garden! This is the best way to give your dog the opportunity to thrive by sniffing different smells every day. If, however, your dog is less than 12 months old, it is recommended that you do not spend half an hour of walking, to prevent it from forcing on its joints and muscles.

2 Make him meet friends 

Your dog is a social being! He needs to communicate with other dogs, other species or people other than you. Regular meetings each week will help you meet your social needs. Be careful not to force a dog to meet others and not to forget the wearing of the muzzle if the dog has socializing problems. Do not hesitate to come to education class to help your dog meet friends. On the other hand, it is better to make few meetings, but 100% positive, than many encounters with many incidents.

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3 Offer him new activities 

Offering activities tailored to your dog is essential for his well-being. The dog is a predator that needs to let off steam and externalize at the risk of developing behavioral problems (socialization, aggression, fear, etc.). Offering him to use his canine talents in adapted activities will do him a crazy good! There are many different activities for owners and their dog: treibball, canirun, agility, hiking, flyball, tracking, herd …

4 Offer him new games

Your dog needs to be stimulated both physically and mentally! Changing his toys or buying him a new one every month will help keep his motivation and pleasure. You don’t have to spend forever! Why not make him a homemade toy for example: a matte snuffle or sniffing mat. Then it’s up to you! Don’t hesitate to post a comment or send us a picture of your homemade toys!

5 Keep memories throughout the year 

It is important to keep moments of happiness warm in our hearts! Take pictures of your dog while playing, when he sleeps, take a selfie with him. Remembrance is what remains of memory to be forgotten. Photos as there are in all families. The time of the photo is to protect a few seconds and these seconds become an eternity.

6 Give your dog a massage 

Massage is as good for humans as it is for dogs. So what are you waiting for to show your dog. A canine masseur can come to your home, or you can also learn to massage your dog in the right way through internships! Start!

7 Teach him new things

The dog is a smart being. Learning is part of his nature if given the opportunity regularly. Learning can be related simply to education, but also to discovery. Take the time and you’ll be surprised if your dog can enjoy learning!

8 Learn to understand your dog 

Understanding your dog is essential to establish harmony in your relationship and not to misinterpret certain situations or behavior of your dog. Incomprehension often leads to some kind of violence or abuse. Abuse is not necessarily about beating a dog to death. It is also the small acts of everyday life, such as forcing the dog to sit down, slapping him on the snout or putting him on his back. While these acts are considered by some to be innocuous, they are nevertheless a source of ill-being in dogs that do not understand them. These acts are a source of conflict in the master-dog pair. This is not to say that he will understand the profound meaning of the act. And most importantly, it’s a way to make your dog understand that he won’t always be able to trust you. To avoid bad methods, bad gestures or bad reactions, the best is to learn to either “read” a dog and to know the meaning of these behaviors. Understanding leads to tolerance.

9 Let your dog have a choice 

It is important to give your dog the opportunity to have a choice. What for? Because for the rest of his life, your dog is going to have to rely on you to go and do his needs, to eat, to go out, to heal himself, etc. So give him the choice in a smart way. Why don’t we let him decide the direction of the ride. Your role will then be to check not to go on the road or not to be embarrassing for others. Or, give your dog the choice to decide where he’ll sleep. These are examples, each dog being different, it’s up to you to see what could be really beneficial for dog.

10 Love it

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Loving your dog is the most essential thing for me. You have to love him with all his being, but in a respectful way. That is, as a dog, to be in your own right, deserving of your respect and benevolence. He doesn’t need you to take him too much for a baby, or to take him “just for a lower one”. He is an intelligent being, part of your family. You can’t leave him in his garden without ever taking him out, you can’t not cure him either. Your dog has not asked to be born or to come and live with your family. It is up to you to be responsible. A well-known quote that sums up many things: you are responsible for what you have tamed.

“Of course,” said the fox. You are still to me a little boy just like a hundred thousand little boys. And I don’t need you. And you don’t need me either. I am only a fox like a hundred thousand foxes to you. But if you tame me, we will need each other. You’ll be the only one in the world for me. I will be for you the only one in the world” The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

We wish you all the best for the new year.

So Happy New Year to all!

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